Pharmaleaders 2014 power brand awards were conferred to the successful Pharma Leaders & Medical Professionals in a sold out gala Dinner where who’s & who’s of the india healthcare industry were present. Addressing the Award Winners, Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharma Leaders said “Pharmaleaders Power Brand Awards are the most prestigious annual industry awards recognized annually that acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations for their remarkable accomplishments. These are fitting tribute to those individuals and companies that have gone the extra mile to advance the excellence in healthcare through best practices and leadership, Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards is the premier largest business and technology leadership awards program in the sub continent , covering the set of prestigious awards spanning from biotech to Healthcare to CEO awards”. Pharma Leaders Power Brand Awards are conferred to those Companies & Individuals who exhibt rare display of innovation  for Outstanding Academic & Professional  Leadership to individuals & Companies This  top recognition symbolizes the best out of best from chosen few, Satya added. Mr. Ajit Singh, Chairman of the Associated Capsules Group also known as ACG World Wide conferred the awards to the deserving & luminaries of the pharmaceutical & the healthcare industry in the presence of Mr Satya Brahma of Pharmaleaders Group.

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