In November 2015, Mayank Gandhi resigned  from AAP National Executive after taking on Kejriwal on various issues & it spelled the doom for the AAP Maharashtra unit. Another prominent Leaders from Nagpur Anjali Damania also left AAP. The state of Maharashtra specially in mumbai, AAP’s presence has become negligible & most of the volunteers have either quit politics or engaged in social service. The present leaders who are based in Mumbai don’t have mass appeal though intellectually sound compared to others. It may be recalled that Anna Hazare had launched a major non-violent agitation against the government’s anti-corruption bill which is billed as Jan Lokpal Bill (People’s Ombudsman Bill). The agitation that started on Aug. 5, 2011 had changed the notion of tolerance to corruption in the country. The protest provoked nationwide agitation against corruption. Launched by the 74-year-old Gandhian follower, it forced the Indian government and even Parliament to acknowledge the sentiment that is visibly catching up across the entire country.Medha Patkar, Nitte Santosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav are other prominent leaders who disassociated from Arvind’s style of functioning. Now the Delhi chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has forgotten the mentor’s gospel warning, dont go after power & remain strong as crusader.


Equally devastating that the former IPS Officer Kiran Bedi who was the part of Anti-Corruption movement could not resist the temptation of power & became the face of BJP in Delhi state election, lost badly. Bedi was rewarded with the plump post of Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry recently.

The message is loud & clear those who were ambitious & wanted to be in power or in association with power lost the confidence of people as they could not air their independent view.

Former Aam Aadmi Party leader and social activist Mayank Gandhi is now engaged in finding a permanent solutions to the  drought-hit districts of Maharashtra after suppling 1.57 crore liters of water to the drought stricken farmers in water supply works in Beed. The activist, who had been the face of AAP in the state and is currently associated with city-based public charitable trust Fulora Foundation is making his second innings in what  is called as one can still be a stronger face with social issues without any political associations. Arvind Kejriwal last week, unfollowed Mayank gandhi after series of tweets where Mayank expressed happiness in his current avtar in social service out from the lust of power or Gaddi what he calls as gutter politics.


Mayank Gandhi will address at the 7th Annual India Leadership Conclave on Nation Building through Rural Transformation at a strong 300 power packed leaders who will meet to debate the crucial issues of the country on a powerful theme of Advantage India- It is now or never on 1st July 2016. Mayank is expected to make startling revelations of how the power brokers & coterie around Arvind Kejriwal ruling Delhi gave up morality & neutral stand compromising principles over power & money.


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