Popular singer Mika Singh slapped a doctor at an event held in New Delhi on April 11.

The Mika Singh Live-in-concert was co-ordinated by the Delhi Ophthalmological Society as a part of the three-day conference. The evening was adorned with songs like “Tu Mera Hero”, “Saawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag” and “Jumme Ki Raat” among others.

While Mika Singh was all praises for Delhi, it’s people and the doctors, who he called “padhey likhey doctor” he asked all the males to gather at the sides – left and right and the womenfolk at the centre all through his performance.

Towards the end of the show, while most of the doctors were having dinner at the buffet, the music stopped and one could hear Mika asking the bouncers to get a doctor from among the audience onto the stage.

With “Mauja Hi Mauja” from ‘Jab We Met’ still to come from his armour (as was told), Mika ran inside the green-room. There were cries and shouts allover – ‘Kisi band baaje waale ko bulaao, aur woh aapko thhappad maar de? Aise chalta hai kya?”

It so happened that one of the male doctors, aged around 30, didn’t listen to his “staying on the sides” orders and kept on coming and dancing where the female population was standing. Quite annoyed with this doctor, Mika called him onto the stage and slapped him hard.

The doctors have shown unity, time and again. Here too, the doctors united to fight against Mika Singh.

They started tearing his posters and standees.

So much so that the police had to intervene. The policeman promised the enraged doctors to take action against Mika Singh.

Last one remembers of the place, it was a mess with the musical instruments in shatters, and doctors still kicking the broken pieces of the instruments.

Later, when contacted with the Secretary of the DOS, Dr Rajesh Sinha, he had a lot to throw light on the matter. “These young doctors were dancing in the front; we were a lot behind. So whatever we know is what we have been told. But yeah, this is totally unacceptable,” he said.

When we called him, he was at the SHO, Inderpuri reporting the incident to the police and he shared with us a very important piece of news.

“The doctor, who got slapped, got an examination done from RML hospital and we were just going through the reports. The doctor has a small perforation on his eardrum, so you can well imagine the intensity with which Mika slapped him,” Dr Sinha added.

And as we talk of the unity, the whole DOS is standing by the doctor. They don’t want such incidents to be repeated. The action on this case is still awaited, but, for starters, the report has been filed.

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