Society & Government must interact with Growing Teens to combat the menace of Early STD/HIV – MediAngels Study

Award Winning Title Holder as “Emerging Online Healthcare Delivery Company of the year 2015” at ILC Power Brand 2015 plan to  $5 million for overseas expansion

A survey conducted by, a city-based e-healthcare company, funded by the Union department of science and technology brought to focus some startling facts and reality about the sexual health and interest of teens and pre-teens. This also makes it clear that sex education, proper, precise, informative and scientific manner is the need of the hour. Also, read is sex education the need of the hour?

Based on the interviews with 15,000 odd teens in the range of 13 and 19 from just 20 metros of the country suggest that 8.9 percent of the children gave a suggestive history of a sexually transmitted disease. ‘Given our population that is an alarming number more than double the STD/HIV incidence reported for this age group in the Naco (National AIDS Control Organization) annual report of 2011-12,’ said Dr Debraj Shome from Among those surveyed, over 6.3% boys and over 1.3% girls reported having had intercourse at least once. The average age at first intercourse in those who had it was 14 years for boys and 16 years for girls. Here is how to talk to your kids about birds and bees.

This also shows that the young generation is experimental towards sex, but lack of knowledge, societal pressure and over exposure to media and pornography make it difficult for the generation to acquire the knowledge that can keep them safe from fatal STDs. ‘Gone are those days when parents could just tell children that stay away from sex. What needs to be done is to impart them with the right kind of knowledge. It is imperative for both the parents and the government to understand is sex education to impart safe practices is necessary. Pornography and media exposure cannot serve as a legitimate knowledge base,’ says Dr Shome. This video tells you why India is not the only country that lacks sex education.

This survey also shows why STDs among teenagers is on the rise. Safe sex practise is one aspect of sex education that needs to be implemented in schools and in an age appropriate manner. ‘Kids are generally inquisitive about sex, especially when the hormonal changes in tweens and teens set in. We are sexually active beings and cannot ignore the fact that children get curious with time. With exposure to the web – the internet, mobile and also the media, they try to get the answers to their questions from every possible medium which might not always impart the right knowledge. This is why sex education becomes an important aspect. First, parents should understand that sex education is as important as educating them about hygiene issues,’ says Niyati Shah, Founder, Director, Counselor, Sex Educator at Averti. Also know about this study that says early porn exposure is forcing kids into early sex.

The survey also highlights that 57 percent of teenagers depend on the internet as the main source of knowledge. So it’s time we shun the taboo attached to sex education and help children learn things the right way. Will our education minister take these things seriously enough? We wonder.Mumbai-based Angels Health Pvt, which runs, an online platform that allows patients to consult specialised doctors from across the globe, will raise $5 million in the next two months to fund expansion plans. The e-hospital company is planning to expand in West Asia and South East Asian countries to offer what it calls a one-stop source for medical second opinion and online medical advices.

MediAngels to raise $5 million for overseas expansion

The four-year-old start-up provides services including online video consultation and online medical records. Voted as  the most innovative start-up in the entire APAC region in 2012 by Intel, it is funded by marquee investors which include HDFC Holdings, VentureEast, Technology Development Board by the Department of Science and Technology and a Singapore-based fund. Says Dr Debraj Shome, Founder and CEO, also a facial plastic surgeon: “E-healthcare is the next bet in the e-commerce story. We have raised Rs 7 crore from existing investors and will raise the next level funds of  $5 million in two months.”

“Being a medical expertise company, Mediangels aims to match the best doctor to every disease. To set up a tertiary hospital in every district in the country is a daunting task for the government which would cost about $1 trillion. Hence, e-healthcare becomes the best option. The health professionals that form the core team of Mediangels are in tune with the changing dynamics of medical practice worldwide and the modern-day consumer’s expectations from healthcare,” he said.

The Evolution of MediAngels

MediAngels is an India-based multi-speciality ‘e-hospital’ service provider, managed by Angels Health Private Limited, a private medical consulting firm. Dr Debraj Shome and Dr. Arbinder Singal are the co-founders.MediAngels is a global e-hospital that promises to “deliver quality healthcare at the click of a mouse”. Allowing for consultations with specialists from around the world on their website, exchange of information with these doctors by sending medical reports and through live chat, the portal was an attempt to deliver the power of technology and the Internet to make healthcare easy and fast.

Recognition at India Leadership Conclave 2015

MediAngels recently was declared as “Emerging Online Healthcare Delivery Company of the year 2015” in the non-voting category at the sixth Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2015.The jury members at the India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2015 opined in a statement that “we are absolutely convinced of MediAngels remarkable accomplishments with unambiguous clarity that within a short span of time, MediAngels  has stood  with the test of the time with flying colours, a concept & a dream that could be actualized by the initiatives of two ambitious doctors, Dr. Debaraj Shome, ace Facial plastic surgeon   & Dr. Arbinder Singal , a renowned Pediatric Urologist  to defy all odds & make the healthcare practice visible to the world map  . We take this occasion to wish you the very best in making the Healthcare sector strong, robust & to the reach of the common people, who are the real interface of the society. As a change agent or a catalyst in healthcare innovations, we are sure that the initiatives which got its final shape from the venture capitals, Government aid & your passionate crave to make a difference will be a robust firm in coming years!’ said the release.The Award Presentation will be held at Mumbai, India on Friday, the 18th September 2015 at Hotel Sahara Star in a glittering award ceremony where several bigwigs from political, social, cultural, Music will be felicitated


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