BreakfastnewsTv caught up with Denisa Gokovi, Pianist,Ambassador. Actress.Singer-songwriter. Model. Philosophical writer on the recent overview of the world peace.Ms. Denisa is Global Goodwill Ambassador for Arts and Culture in organization FAAVM . She is and Ambassador to the institute ”Olympia Art” – Los Angeles, CA. Amb. Ms. Gokovi is an Honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations. Ambassador for social cultural- Arts & Humanity in the Royal Society Group also Ambassador for African Child projects. and Ambassador of Culture& Art in International organization ”World Peace Committee ”. Amb. Ms. Gokovi studied piano since the age of six, and managed to grow and prosper as an artist in Albania being featured at various art events. I have participated in some national competitions such as, ”Peter Gaci,’, ” Songs of the Earth,” “Little Pianist,” and ”Genius.” In three important national piano competitions I was awarded second and third places. I perform live concerts as a singer across Albania, performing songs that I have composed. I devote much of my personal time in social and cultural musical, film and social programs. I have donated my time performing for benefits that support orphans and the poor .The scene is set for the future, and on every street, in every house, in every corner of the world will come new music, and you can join me so that you might be inspired to lead yourself into your own art and soul.



  •   Question:  What according to you is changing the World now?

Answer: I think about the concept, we progress proper development and intellectual activity, educational, competitive and designers for any campaign in business, humanism, the basis of success conceptual criteria for human life! I am convinced that rivalry ahead and change from the past deserves the same price for new and growing trend concrete plans! The main cause of protagonist to lead the world contains the secret of the universe. Determination morality, suffering by reason and human rebellion, encouragement and arrogant incident that join anger, jealousy causes and variations interim happiness to people! Modern methods and related essential option simultaneously with curiosity and passivity, insist on a degree of independence in particular in the game but in a same time destined to be political protagonist and beyond! How is today the world and the need for change is called simply a result or contest the opinion and possession of certain moral values, injected under certain interests? I think there is more than strong points to name but positive news and tempting, we strictly to the truth in the fact that people , win immunity for their rights tend to manage current entrepreneurship and cooperation to offer a price of reliable and living the modest development in society. The world today can be problems caused by social observation, cultural, including religious activity, gender rights. intellectual, law on the concept of equality, tolerance and spiritual reflection! Admittedly that any label well disposed to the facts in truth contains a guidance from above, destination and intuition high programming standards so and communication for the people! Fear is another element of weakness, the principal institution for effective selection of personality and political transparency and crowns attacks but the progress, purpose, hope and motivation to go forward! I am convinced that now have been created, but still are not repeated, there will be no trace professional to use depending on the manipulation or time rivalry! All standards provided for a shift change and its called by and graduated, in the form of faith, people of different addresses in the world according to the characteristics and beliefs that form to the right orientation and contemporary! The world is not divided but people imagine obedience, shares in the form of profit, contradictory system, taste and say nicknames incontrovertible approach to assess under the evil and the good, to an action to follow another plan for the target! Combines possessive is the cause of misfortune for immorality and ignorance, two strong reasons to human destruction and uncertainty until the end of anything, without the promised everything! Today we have everything, absolutely everything I have related above more and psychological side, possibility, cooperation, tolerance conviction and confidence! I am convinced of an engine start-up, the charge from the past, history in the event, secret after secret, iron play, solution, strong alliances and destiny dignity for all people! I am convinced that we should in the right direction!

  • Question:  Do you think music has a message for peace & tranquility in bringing nations together?

 Answer : Absolutely my conviction refers fully principled and spiritual identity underpin any shareholder as safe in gaining curiosity, taste absolute and position to serve humanity! Music is the first element required breakthrough by species we tend to graceful and affirm the moral condition, and its choice to describe each landscape, as necessary to form a brilliant track record we thought was inside! Music possesses more element necessary for everything to complete and according to the most important position or encouraging choice and for politic , diplomacy including any character entrepreneurs, confidence and vital station! Modest and progressive engagement as a sign of tolerance, a music of and so hard emotionally with people, trying and argues every story, and consequently life , any extent convinced a music, a word associated with artistic interpretation, may change decisions most important, can touch and narrow interests, rivalries among people, natural disasters and master keyword that summarizes the silence and the music!

  • Question:  What are the real remedies to fight poverty in the world?

I like the insistence of this question! Regarding my answer will be organized so much in itself because in terms of the proper legal standard for many reasons and clear objectives to fight poverty as well as the human indifference! Shall immediately affect my opinion and ability on how to apply legal strengths in the protection of human beings and effective detection to bring everything natural under the criteria survival and elimination of poverty! First, biased interest to attack the program to the world, coincidence and reason creating change. As far as my perspective optional activity and not related to a complaint could neither interactive nor with termination if everything should be legally bound? I am worried connected the fact that should be the right people in charge to implement the formatting of the eligibility criteria for high philosophical consequences, we of human fulfillment and as high political criteria, bypass the absurd decisions in some cases, which may cause what kind of change that after a silence on the part of thought, designed a sound as a result of the action. The key delivery and competitiveness beings will not refer any point in the near than conscience of man, of our leaders in precision strong alliances for a more secure and better! While called difficult, was not at all and will not be possible but I think being the promotion of strength, realize errors necessary to knit mortgage at anything that would be repetitive and to the overriding for some certain communities and suffered very economically! There is every legal order, order and discipline of time from each new beginning but lacking people to implement the criteria starting from myself, but the pretext image, credibility and the fate of opponents of the probability of resignation choose!

  • Question :  What according to you are the missing links in  innovations in creative thinking of world peace?

Answer:  “The right! I am sure that missing element right character and a certain personality then pretend we highlight the ability to be unrivaled leader on the basis and individuality! The man has everything in it as a result of , as in any claim you can bring nothing, and as the determination of the future that brings insecurity and fear to unilaterally only to be selfish and based on his own personal fulfillment! Error begins aware of the fact of experience to the tort , liars suffer the fate and not to accept to lose everything! I think that to be a leader for the people of the truth of peace, defends and justifies happiness, hope motivated much choice as possible in principle in the organization of a collective, the way to learn any position and under promise positive social impact, cultural and strategic Trust for everything! I cannot say that lacks everything, I think there and work every day people deserve peace but to think negatively, weak human purpose connected with the tendency simply to be part of a marketing in the form of selfishness, about the competition of money , appearance, spiritual inactivity lacking courage and love for the people! Remain in all the times, more important vision, spirit and love for one another! We must learn how to protect and learn each other, to save objectively individual formation, family, social and long-term arrangement to bring something of our own success in the form of eligible! Work, Dignity and safe destination with love, strong personality, achievement and the opposition on a firm footing, winning deserved position and been very complete! People need people!

  • Question :  is 3rd World war inevitable?

is an avoidable and unavoidable! We are dependent on enforcement, fraud as a result of necessity to move the crowd of admission. Designed system, the power of the people, immorality but human soul should make the difference of various communities which must coexist and not to be served against each other! Therefore as far as everything is possible, immediately turn impossible and we allow to happen as an optional impact of life, civilization, high transparency and political plans that live reasons to save mankind or because of the silence to fight , the fight within the kind! Rejection and resolution, will certainly always will make the great name philosophy!

Denisa Gokovi Collaborates through her talent and creativity with professionals, musicians and worthy Albanian music. At the same time it contained artistic role as writer on philosophy, Actress, Composer, Pianist, Singer, Photo model and Goodwill Ambassador for Albania!
The trend, its originality and artistic style is predominant in international success!

Denisa is Global Goodwill Ambassador in organization FAAVM from Canada Also Ambassador for art the institute ”Olympia Art ” Los Angeles,CA!

Amb. Ms. Gokovi is an Honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations, Also Ambassador of Culture & Art in organization internationally ” ”World Peace Committee” Another role as Ambassador for social cultural- Arts & Humanity in the Royal Society Group and Ambassador for African Child projects.  Amb. Ms. Gokovi studied piano since the age of six, and managed to grow and prosper as an artist in Albania being featured at various art events. I have participated in some national competitions such as, ”Peter Gaci,’, ” Songs of the Earth,” “Little Pianist,” and ”Genius.” In three important national piano competitions I was awarded second and third places. I perform live concerts as a singer across Albania, performing songs that I have composed. I devote much of my personal time in social and cultural musical, film and social programs. I have donated my time performing for benefits that support orphans and the poor. Amb. Ms. Gokovi also devote her talents to organizing holiday programs and helping organizations that are devoted to making changes that make a social contribution. In my role as songwriter, I work with young artists in their professional development and in their training with the art academy. Currently, I am writing a book on philosophy entitled, Deception of Truth. Amb. Ms. Gokovi goals is to share the world perspective as someone who speaks out for justice, equality and freedom from persecution for everyone. In my professional experience, science and philosophy play important roles. My work and experience have, so far, allowed me to realize the dream of presenting my humble experience as an example to others through my music. My goal is to touch everyone with love, creativity and hope. Today, as citizens, proposed to appoint and influential programming statement as a result of political positivity remains silent! To start would not lacking anything in the form ticking as abstract and therefore hospitality is to articulate destination temporary incident reform for justice! We crossroads to accept as contrary to reject any option containing always occurs as ex officio incredible obsession! When we all are, it is likely not to have no importance but in particular in the ability to obtain revenge awareness one can not immediately approve the change! Praying always with a joke and remember this is due to the acquisition of the individual but eliminated as the materialization of understanding others just so it would be double rejection! The truth is beautiful coincidence that evokes hope and motivation to pursue constructive ungodliness and plays an anomalous act of faith by complex passivity to us! It is painful to endure but disability is being safe while you’re nominated! Price is great value, and the day will get back to us, so let’s celebrate!

  • Hometown : Shkoder (Albania )
  • Location: Tirana ( Abania )
  • My Passion: Love for others
  • My Hobbies: Love for yourself

I do not want to let the trace being ‘whistled’ coins! I caught laying and not make noise, silence is part of success

Rivalry silence is contrary to the clear objective to ask strong responsibility, in the same statement for the view of human rights! I am in good faith conflicted with Albania system created by professional and private reasons imposed by some permanent reaches tendency to repeat certain things in exchange for anyone as effectively and sense of change or binding! Therefore, the primary contact individual conviction has a condition and some claim to be definitely back in action, no errors! Propogand versus competitive market filled with enemies and friends dedicated, the obligation to achieve the correct mode is Auto accepting! I’m not everything but I can assure you I come to believe something strong and especially summary closeness and courage with others! Necessity is the culmination of delivery as a clearinghouse for some wicked act and the immediate inauguration, hanging compelling tactics and lost the truth that does not change any lie behind it! Therefore in and with myself, I have not refused anything but simply did not allow my time to dispose preference desire to reach as should be after a simple life, where monotony is the reason the cultivation of imagination in real time! I’m not a nobody to compare the instinct to play but am not claiming to reveal the remains of someone else! I have such spirit and fantasy based on reality that they will like to see everything differently according to others and not by love that can feel for yourself! I think about the happiness of ,my people and if I do not by the end of my happiness, I am convinced that will eliminate anger and consequences as an insignificant in this world! Believe me who I am because it will achieve breathtaking smile, my main threat double act to accept and politics and humanity remains culmination of my personality! Congratulations!

so many great things are yet to come, as a pianist, composer, actress, singer and writer of philosophy. All of these things are and can be yet to come for all of us, join me in my as your international sister in all things good, your goodwill ambassador and friend in Albania. May I please be considered as an inspiration to you and those you love.

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