Breakfast news TVis a division of Network 7 Media Group based in India  having operations in worldwide media news distribution. Breakfast news in partnership with several leading media houses & its own battery of journalists specializing in various fields such as politics, economics, entertainment, social issues attempt to create a vibrant platform of interactive journalism in an independent & fair practices. The guiding spirit of  Breakfast news that distinguishes itself from others are that its reporters, anchors & special correspondents are not induced to lucrative compliments offered from political parties & corporate houses.

Breakfast news voices its opinions in a powerful format to target the corporate lobbyists &  political parties who attempt to shut the independent opinions & truth based on hard & factual evidences. All stories filed by the Staff Reporters are telecast with great degree of responsibilities backed by hard evidences & necessary fact files. Over the last few years, Media has played a bigger role in exposing the misdeeds of the corrupt political set-up & those in power who defy no orders & try to subvert the free flow of information & independent of media expressions.Breakfastnews believe that the prosperity of a nation or a polity or a economy set up can be best balanced with the proper vigilance of the happenings by a aggressive Media & Breakfastnews is committed to reach out to the millions of people around the world of depicting the try story, rather than presenting a dramatic presentation of misleading informations.

Breakfast news is a part of an illustrious media conglometer which has some of the best media titles such as Indian Affairs, Pharmaleaders, Pharmanewsprwire & other forms of blogging. It also to its credit organizing over the last one decade some of the best known & eagerly awaited annual events such as Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards, India Leadership Conclave, Global CSR Leadership Summit & Awards.

Breakfast news does not believe in theories that are outdated & irrelevant & has been at the forefront of highest degree of journalism ethics & fair reporting free from any influences & inducements. Breakfastnews verifies each news before being made to public domain & are brought to the notice of the statutory authorities to seek for justice to the aggrieved parties through its print, TV & Digital medium.  It is the world’s leading news agency & press information point to its various channel partners. Driven by an analytical & investigative frame of mind, Breakfastnews covers the news that are hidden or suppressed by the rest of the media. It acts as a voice of countless Indians & masses who are denied of their basic rights, The Right To Speak.

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