Coronavirus outbreaks growing fast in Reports of new coronavirus cases are coming from around the world with outbreaks growing fast in Italy, Iran, South Korea and the United States.

Italy closed all schools and universities until March 15 as the number of deaths from the new coronavirus in the Mediterranean country hit 107. Top government ministers spent hours huddling yesterday to chart a way out of a health crisis that threatens to tip Italy’s wheezing economy into recession and overwhelm hospitals. Italy reported 28 more deaths yesterday, the highest single day total to date. It has now recorded over 3,000 cases and only trails China in terms of total fatalities.

In Iran, authorities halted Friday prayers in all provincial capitals amid the country’s growing coronavirus cases. The country reported 92 deaths among its more than 2,922 cases, though many fear the outbreak is far bigger. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in his Cabinet meeting yesterday appealed all to work together to tackle the problem as quickly as possible.

South Korea reported its lowest number of new novel coronavirus cases for a week Wednesday, as the government proposed a near-USD 10 billion additional budget to try to address the epidemic’s impact.

Seoul announced 435 new infections yesterday as the country’s total confirmed cases reached 5,621 with the death toll at 32. President Moon Jae-in cancelled his trip to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey scheduled for later this month to focus on containing the epidemic, his office said.

In the United States, two biggest cities reported 10 more coronavirus cases yesterday, as lawmakers in Congress reached a deal to provide more than USD 8 billion to fight the outbreak. Los Angeles County officials declared an emergency as six new cases were reported in the West Coast metropolis, while New York reported four more patients. Eleven people have died of the COVID-19 illness in the US and more than 130 have so far been infected, with the virus detected in more than a dozen states.

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