Leading Nutritionists Rujuta Diwekar, Shonali Sabherwal, Sonia Narang, Tripti Gupta, Kinita Kadakia Patel & Anshu Malik in final six nominations at Pharma Leaders 2016’s top recognition!

India’s Most Promising Face in Diet & Nutrition 2016 to be awarded on 23rd December at Pharma Leaders 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards

Pharma Leaders 2016 is hunting for a top professional in Diet & Nutrition at a time when fitness assumes a significant role in today’s complex lifestyles. Pharma Leaders over the last 8 editions has crowned some of the top names in the field of diet & nutrition given the winner the true legitimacy in the field and opportunities through continuing education. While most people understand the importance of good fitness and nutrition habits, many find it hard to achieve them on their own. To aid people in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, fitness and nutrition consultants offer practical advice, fitness plans and nutritional strategies. Fitness and nutrition consultants work with clients of all ages, social backgrounds and fitness levels. Here are the options for the top six finalists for you to vote!

Pharma Leaders Final Six Nominees do not mean other Diet & Nutrition consultants are not deserving, they too have their own space, the objective is to promote the professional & the professionals are part of it leading from the front.

India’s Most Promising Face in Diet & Nutrition 2016 

And the Nominees are

    1. Ms.Rujuta Diwekar,Nutritionist
    2. Ms.Shonali Sabherwal,Founder Soulfood.
    3. Ms.Sonia Narang,Founder,Sonia Narang’s Diet & Wellness Clinic
    4. Ms.Tripti Gupta, Founder, Ipink.
    5. Ms.Kinita Kadakia Patel, Founder, MEALpyramid
    6. Ms.Anshu Malik, Nutritionist

Rujuta Diwekar


Born in a typical middle-class Maharashtrian family, Rujuta imbibed the principles of ‘continuous learning’ and ‘pursuit of excellence in your field’ by default and not from a self-help book. After her graduation, as she contemplated how to pursue her passion further, luckily the Mumbai University started a post-graduation program called ‘Sports science and Nutrition’ in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai. And she was on her way. Her entire family practiced yoga as a way of life, very matter-of-factly, and this was a big influence on her. She decided to further her understanding and studied Yoga and Vedanta along with Ayurved from Sivananda Yog Vedanta forest academy. She basically applied what she learned about nutrition and exercise science to the Indian way of life in a sensible and practical way.

Shonali Sabherwal


Shonali Sabherwal is a celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist. She is known for her brand Soulfood, which is about the macrobiotic approach to lifestyle and diet. Under this brand she endorses all products which include her consultations, meals & ready-to-eat products. She has actively been a part of the macrobiotic culture in India since 2006. She is the author of the books – ‘The Beauty Diet’ published in 2012, and ‘The Love Diet’ published in February 2014. Shonali was first introduced to the world of macrobiotics when, her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. She started looking for various ways to help her father fight the disease. It was during this period when, she came across a diet that would enhance one’s ‘wellness’ from within, focusing on using food as a tool to balance imbalances of any kind in the body. Along with her mother, she first trained with Dehradun based Mona Schwartz, one of the resident proponents of the Macrobiotic approach. Even after the demise of her father, she continued exploring food, health, and wellness, by studying its power and effects on reversing physical as well as mental ailments. In the year 2005, she made a career-shift from Marketing Research to Macrobiotics. Shonali Sabherwal is India’s first certified and qualified counselor and instructor in Macrobiotics from the Kushi Institute, Becket, Massachusetts, US. Shonali qualified in Marketing Research from Marquette University Milwaukee, USA.[4] She worked as a Marketing Research professional for 12 years with MRAS Dun & Bradstreet, Pathfinders, Lintas and finally with AC Nielsen before turning to Macrobiotics as a career choice. Shonali also did a course in ‘Solomon Yogalates’ from Louise Solomon in Byron Bay, Australia, and is also the first Solomon Yogalates teacher in India.

Sonia Narang,Founder,Sonia Narang’s Diet & Wellness Clinic


Since 1997, Sonia Narang has been working in this highly competitive and purely result oriented field of Diet and Nutrition and has carved a niche for herself. With The Hindustan Times ‘Women for Women’ Award conferred upon her and an impressive list of esteemed clients including the former Health Minister Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss’s family and The Mayor of Delhi Mr. Prithviraj Sawhney vouching for her expertise, it is no wonder that Sonia Narang’s Diet and Wellness Clinic has been serving a large number of individuals and organizations for the past few decades. Sonia Narang is a Nutritionist and Dietician, holding a degree from AIIMS. She is one of the best dietician in Delhi with expertise in the field of hospital, foods service, media, corporate, and community settings. She has received her Bachelor’s degree in Home Science and completed her Post Graduate Education in Food Science and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, Delhi. She has completed a hospital­based internship with All India Institute of Medical Sciences along with a complete certificate course from Reebok University.Sonia believes that food and eating is a universal cultural experience and a completely individual practice. She does not just lay down strict diets, but helps you in making a realistic change in your lifestyle while enjoying food.

Tripti Gupta, Founder, Ipink


Tripti Gupta is a leading Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant who advises natural & practical,healthy living. Her smart eating techniques,easy to follow routine and expert personalized monitoring are what make her result oriented services best in th​e​ industry today. She is the first one to introduce “Smart E-Alert Diet Plans” which is a 2 way communication tool to maintain exclusive individual & personalised diet monitoring for clients in India and worldwide. Tripti is the founder of iPink The Color Of Health, a 10 yr long standing Lifestyle Nutrition firm for Health, Beauty & Wellness. As a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, with 17 yrs of experience,Tripti has consulted over 10,000 clients including Politicians, Industrialists, CEOs, Bollywood stars, Sports Persons, Frequent Travelling Professionals, Supermodels & Corporates.

Kinita Kadakia Patel, Founder, MEALpyramid


Kinita is a Sports Nutrition Consultant who runs a private practice called “MEALpyramid”. She specialises in sport-specific diets along with weight management.She holds a graduate & post-graduate degree (MSc.) in Dietetics with research in Sports Nutrition. She has further qualifications from globally reputed institutes like:The Oxford College – London,Sports Dietetics Association – Australia,International Sports Science Association – USA. Kinita is an internationally reputed nutritionist who works with some of the leading schools, organizations and sports teams including the Mumbai Indians IPL teamand the National Cricket Academy. She (Kinita Kadakia) heads the Nutrition Department at the Exercise Science Academy accredited by ACSM and has also been a member of the Commonwealth Games 2010. Her clientele include various national & international level athletes, top celebrities and models and heavyweights from the corporate world.She has been a celebrity columnist for DNA Newspaper in 2014. Her (Mrs Kinita Patel) articles featured weekly, along with other columnist like Shah Rukh Khan, Twinkle Khanna and other prominent personalities.She has lent her expertise & inputs for various books, having contributed to “Shut up & Train” a book by famous Celebrity Trainer, Deanne Pandey and “Shape and Sculpt” a bestseller by the famous Pilates Expert, Yasmin Karachiwala.In addition to various other affiliations, recognitions and awards, Kinita was awarded the “Best Nutritionist of the Year 2013”, by Vogue Magazine.

Anshu Malik, Nutritionist


Anshu Malik, a leading practitioner in Mumbai forayed into the field of Nutrition & Health from the year 2008. She qualified in Nutrition and Dietitics from VLCC which is affiliated to City and Guilds, United Kingdom. Being a finalist of Femina Miss India 2010, it all the more enhanced perspective on a healthy mind & Body. This journey resulted in sowing the seed of guiding people in the most natural way. She is a successful consulting dietician since last 5 years who helps you achieve fitness through corrective food and fibre programmes. One of her exclusive offering remains of manufacturing High Fibre Organic flour with 15 types of variants that result in total fitness.She scientifically designs personalized diet and exercise plans that will suit your regular cuisine and cooking practices. In order to derive best results, she propagates thoughts and activities such as being optimistic, setting and achieving targets, disciplined behaviour and meditation.



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“Pharma Leader Jury arrive at the final six nominees for their leadership position in their respective fields after a scrutiny & a detailed research by a team of researchers & experts that are followed year after years at the Pharma Leaders Annual Award Editions thereby making the process very credible & transparent. We are often asked by the nominees as they are surprised when they see their list of final  countdown. It is also a matter of great satisfaction & pride even to make it to the top six nominations irrespective of the results of the final winner which will be declared on Friday,the 23rd December 2016 at the grand award ceremony where more than 350 leaders of the industry make it to witness the event of the year”.



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