Nikunj Kampani of Joister Infoserve honored as “Indian Affairs Most Promising Business Leader 2019” at the 10th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2019, also known as ILC Power Brand Awards

More than 300 Business Tycoons, Social Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders, Educationists, Policy Makers were in full attendance to witness the much awaited 10th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2019, also known as ILC Power Brand Awards. The historic & iconic annual conclave currently in its 10th annual edition debated on the theme “Opportunities – Can India Seize India $5 trillion economy by 2025”. Leading voices & noted leaders of the country gathered at the commercial capital of india in mumbai on friday,23rd August 2019. The conclave highlighted the burning topics of india with a specific emphasis on Modi 2.0.

Nikunj Kampani of Joister Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. bags the coveted Indian Affairs Most Promising Business Leader 2019 at the…

India Leadership Conclave यांनी वर पोस्ट केले रविवार, २५ ऑगस्ट, २०१९

Prominent Awardees included Dr. P. Shyama Raju. Chairman, REVA Group of Institutions, Mr. Ashok Nair,Managing Director & General Manager,Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Alok Ohrie,President & Managing Director, Dell Technologies India

Top achievers of the country who were in nationwide polling by Network 7 Research were recognized & honored at the ILC Power Brand Awards. Speaking on the process of selection & methodology, Satya Brahma, Founder Chairman of India Leadership Conclave said “India Leadership Conclave’s objective is very simple & clear. We don’t follow a fixed set of rules of traditional theories of selecting a nominee in the final six list either based on seniority, age or celebrity status. We go by our research, experts advice& bring to light those talent & innovators who never got noticed in mainstream media or recognized. When they see their names in the big six final list, they feel proud, for us, that is the winning moments after relentlessly following & chasing for finding the credible name!”


Joister Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. (formerly known as Syscon Infoway Private Limited) was founded in 2005 by Mr Nikunj Kampani to create one converged, smart broadband network to seamlessly connect customers wherever they are, to the things that matter most to them. A family owned first generation business that started with 2, now employs around 700 people.Our business is built around our customers – serving their needs and delivering value to them. We create value for our stakeholders by developing and selling products and services that are an essential part of modern life. We have three customer-facing lines of business: Internet Broadband,Internet Leased line and Free Public WiFi.

Our scouting network combined with strong leadership allows us to find the best innovations, blend them with our own capabilities and in-house research; we create new possibilities for our people, businesses and communities in ways not previously possible.Today we’re one of India’s leading internet service provider companies. The solutions we provide continue to play a significant role in the ongoing digitization of our economy. We are ranked at 17th by number of subscribers out of 360+ ISPs in the country as per TRAI latest report. We’ve been recognized year after year for providing the fastest widely available broadband speeds. Our joint ventures with Local Cable Operators and Franchisee Networks connect over 2 Lakh home broadband customers across  48 cities/town in Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa.Through our Internet leased line empowers over 2000 entrepreneurs and all sizes of business in the private sectors. Our leased line solutions help businesses use technology in ever-smarter ways, ensuring the India remain in a leading position in the global digital economy. Our public wifi service have been deployed across 750 public locations like Restaurants, Institutes, Collages, Hospitals, Gardens, Police Stations and Railway stations with a registered user base of 30 lakh subscribers using our free public internet wifi service.

We’re making good progress towards our ambition of delivering great customer experience, but there’s much more to do. We’ve had consistent improvement on our key customer experience metric. We are fixing faults quicker and we’ve cut the time it takes our customers to get their orders. Sustainability is important to us. We work closely with Local cable operators to make our business and products as sustainable as possible, from the first link in the supply chain through to our customers.

We enjoy strong relationships on the ground with over 500+ LCOs in tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities in Maharashtra & Goa and Joint Venture contracts signed with LCOs for distribution of Broadband Services in their respective areas. Combined, this means that we are uniquely positioned to lead network, product and service convergence across the consumer and enterprise markets, which we see as a critical market trend and an opportunity to drive further value for our business. Creating experiences for our customers that truly differentiate us from our competitors is at the center of our strategic framework. Everything we do with respect to building the best converged network, and becoming a simpler, leaner and more agile business, needs to ultimately support our strategy to deliver great customer experience.

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