“Our Mission is to become a strong Global Contract Manufacturing Player both in & our goal is to deliver best healthcare solutions with best quality and continuous innovation.’’ – Mr. Sandeep Jain , Director , Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

India’s largest Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company catering to 12 % of the total production in the country, now set to expand its formidable international presence in coming years.

Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, India’s top & biggest contract manufacturing company & supplier of pharmaceutical medicines to the big pharma companies both MNC & Domestic has initiated a series of initiatives to spread its wings in the fiercely competitive global market specially in the regulated markets with a focus to be a strong global player through collaborative partnership, alliances, co-marketing. The company is looking to penetrate the international market & has been registering products in different countries & is making huge investments to make the products available to the global market said the visionary Founder & Chairman Mr. Sandeep  Jain  of the indian unlisted top pharma company Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Lts in an exclusive interview with Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief of the Pharmaleaders Group. Boyed by the rapid success of india as a top destination hub to the world market because of India’s excellence in manufacturing sector, Mr.Sandeep Jain  is charting out a ambitious growth plan with his dynamic brother & Mr. Sandeep Jain with the able guidance from the Chairman Mr. D.C.Jain. A case in the pointer is that the Indian pharma market size is expected to grow to US$ 85 billion by 2020. The growth in Indian domestic market will be on back of increasing consumer spending, rapid urbanisation, raising healthcare insurance and so on. The Indian pharmaceuticals market is third largest in terms of volume and thirteen largest in terms of value, Global players in the pharma industry cannot afford to ignore India. The country, many predict, will be the most populous in the world by 2050. India will make its mark as a growing market, potential competitor or partner in manufacturing and R&D, and as a location for clinical trials.

After making a strong inroads in the domestic market as the most trusted contract manufacturing company in india, Akums is all set to expand in the global sector says D.C.Jain “ We are committed to our vision of our company to be a To be a global pharmaceutical company with an enduring commitment to quality & globally admired pharmaceutical company providing excellent quality products to our customers and people of the world which will be a One stop solution for contract manufacturing services in all dosage forms be it in Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS),Formulation & development of Novel Drugs Delivery Systems (N.D.D.S.), Loan License, New Formulations with DCGI Approvals, Institutional business, Technology Transfer. Akums specializes in developing new formulations, undertaking bioequivalence studies, clinical trials, obtaining Drug Controller General of India’s (DCGI) approval for manufacturing and marketing of new Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) & molecules and thereby offering new formulations with Akums’s own technology to its customers under their brand names. Akums manufactures innovative and technology driven products”

Addressing the most important aspect of the customer & their ever increasing demands, D.C.Jain elaborates that “Delivering quality to customers in a competitive market place dictates the need to continually enhance a customer’s experience and satisfaction. However, evidence indicates that satisfying customers is not enough to retain them because even satisfied customers defect at a high rate in many industries. This suggests that businesses must strive for 100% or total customer satisfaction, and even delight to achieve the kind of customer retention they desire. Improving customer relationships and increasing their loyalty isn’t simply about managing interaction with customers better or targeting them better. It is about serving them in a fundamentally improved way”. We know this will be key to our business models. Satisfaction arises when consumers compare their perceptions of the performance of a product or service to both their desires and expectations. This comparison process produces not only feelings of satisfaction with the product or service, but also feelings of satisfaction with the information,

Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty are key to our business models Today, companies face their toughest competition ever. Moving from a product and sales philosophy to a holistic marketing philosophy, however, gives them a better chance of outperforming the competition. And the cornerstone of a well-conceived marketing orientation is strong customer relationships. In this chapter, we discuss how companies can win customer loyalty and improve profits by doing a better job of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. We also discuss the use of database marketing for customer relationship management.


Consumers are more educated and informed than ever, and they have the tools to verify companies’ claims and seek out superior alternatives.2 How then do they ultimately make choices? Customers tend to be value-maximizers, within the bounds of search costs and limited knowledge, mobility, and income. They estimate which offer will deliver the most perceived value and act on it. Whether the offer lives up to expectation affects customer satisfaction and the probability that the customer will purchase the product again.

The Success Story & growth Momentum

AKUMS manufactures more than 2500 formulations in all dosage forms and therapeutic segments. With manufacturing expertise along with innovation & quality approach, Akums has its presence marked in the Indian & global pharmaceutical space. Akums  exports  formulations to various global markets. Akums has  filed substantial numbers of dossiers in different countries. The process of filing dossiers for regulated market is in advanced stage of progress. There is a full-fledged team of highly professional & experienced personnel competent to prepare and submit dossiers as per CTD, ACTD and guidelines of MOH of different countries with a highly experienced team in international marketing to take the export to new heights. Akums has a progress plan laid and have plans to acquire USFDA approved facility to facilitate export to US and other regulated markets.  The manufacturing units have International approvals like – ANVISA – Brazil; NAFDAC; Nigeria; FDB – Ghana; PMPB – Malawi; PPB – Kenya; MOH – Libya; MOH – Cambodia; DDA – Nepal; CD&DA – Sri Lanka; MOH – Vietnam; MOH – Belarus; DPM – Ivory Coast etc. Akums has  global foot prints in countries like Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia,Malawi, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong kong, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan,Malaysia, Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan & Francophone countries etc.

Key Features of Manufacturing Excellence

  • The largest Pharmaceutical formulations manufacturer in India.
  • The Facilities are rated as one of the best
  • Manufacture 10% of India’s total domestic medicine consumption.
  • Manufacture more than 2500 formulations in various dosage forms.
  • Excise exemption benefits upto 2020
  • Manufacture number of top ORG brands.
  • There would barely be any retail shops where products manufactured by us are not available
  • Offers formulations in almost all dosage forms across majority of therapeutic Segments.
  • Nearly 300 DCGI approvals received for New F.D.C.s and molecules & around 400are in pipeline.
  • Over 60 applications for Patent filed and many more in pipeline.
  • Constant Focus on Highest Quality standards under supervision of qualified & experienced personnel of the industry in QA, QC and production departments.
  • Follow Best policies for training & development of technical & Non-Technical Personnel.
  • Catering to GMSD, Indian Railways , Defence ,ESIC, RMSCL, MSCL, DHS – Delhi, DHS – Assam,
  • DHS – West Bengal, ICDLWS, AIIMS – Delhi ,etc.
  • Rated 5A2 by Dun & Bradstreet indicates overall status of the Company to be good.
  • A + (A Plus) and A 1 (A One) rating by ICRA for Long Term Rating and Short Term Rating.
  • Use integrated SAP and LIMS Software for operational excellence.
  • Manufacturing processes in all its units aim at ensuring maximum energy conservation,
  • pollution control and effective waste management.
  • CSR activities are carried out intensively and throughout the year.
  • Exports to Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethopia, Liberia, Malawi, Philipines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Venezuela, Belarus, Tajikistan & Francophone countries.
  • Akums has ultra modern infrastructure with around 200 packaging lines, 12 Alu-Alu, 2 AF 150, 1 AF 60, 18 Granulation section consisting of RMGs, 10 Fluid Bed Processors, 25 Auto-coaters, 2 FFS, 7 Tunnels, 550 AHU’s



Akums Feature


Mr. Sandeep Jain, MBA is one of founder & promoter Director of Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals limited a leading pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company of India. He has been instrumental in setting up the state-of the –art world class manufacturing facilities and making CRAMS & CROs the requirement of marketing companies of India and abroad. Shri Sandeep Jain is a visionary entrepreneur having absolute professional acumen & approach, with nearly 28 years of matured experience. With his in-depth knowledge and experience of pharmaceutical manufacturing, he knows how to make maximum utilization of the wisdom and effectiveness of his employees in coordinated, concerted and co-operated manner. Under his dynamic leadership Akums has reached new heights of growth in a short span of eight year and has become a name to reckon with pharmaceutical manufacturing around the globe. His innovative ideas in new product development & patents have brought the company to the level of leading contract manufacturing of international repute. Presently, Mr. Jain is Chairman of CII state council, Uttrakhand and Chairman of Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Uttrakhand. Shri Sandeep Jain has been awarded with several prestigious awards like; Gold Medal for Management Order for Merit , Samaj Shri Award for Excellence in Management, Outstanding Personalities Award- 1998 and Man of the Year-1999 award, National Award-2010 by Govt of India, Entrepreneurship Award by Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs, Excellence Award by All India Achiever Conference and IPER. Sanjeev Jain received the prestigious Dynamic Entrepreneur Award at the historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards by Pharm leaders. An avid learner, Shri Jain is actively associated with many trade and commercial organizations. He had been a sitting member of the managing committee of the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, joint secretary of Rajasthan Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association and Vice President of Bhiwadi Manufacturers Association, Rajasthan. He is presently the General Secretary of Association of Devbhumi Pharma Industries, Haridwar and The Chairman, Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Haridwar. He is also a Member of Rajya Udyog Mittra, Department of Industries, Government of Uttarakhand and Executive & State Convener, Northern Region, Under his able leadership & guidance Akums was awarded with Quality Products-Pharmaceutical Formulations National Award 2010 instituted by MSME, Government of India and also received various National & International Recognitions & Quality Certificates.


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