World Healthcare Leaders set to redefine Healthcare Reforms at 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit &Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2017

Pharma Leaders 2017 Edition to debate on  “Bullet Healthcare Reforms”


The healthcare industry is in the midst of a turbulent global transformation. Healthcare reform policy &  fiscal restraint are some of the biggest challenges  on the minds of politicians, the media and business leaders around the world. The stage is set for a larger consolidation of the pharma sector in india Indian pharmaceutical sector accounts for about 3.1 – 3.6 per cent of the global pharmaceutical industry in value terms and 10 per cent in volume terms and is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15.92 per cent to US$ 55 billion by 2020 from US$ 20 billion in 2015. India contributes the second largest share of pharmaceutical and biotech workforce in the world. However, the situation is complex as india is yet to make landslide healthcare reforms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who swept to power at elections last year in May, promised in his poll manifesto to introduce an ambitious universal health care plan that assures free drugs and insurance for serious ailments. But the plan, pegged initially at $26 billion over the next four years and envisioned to be fully operational by 2019, has been pushed back because of budget constraints. Busy with political arithmetic’s, the plan may take a back stage making the cost of the healthcare spending by the poor a toll as 70% of the expenses are still going from the pockets of the common man making life much miserable. To add to the woes are the challenges of the drug companies who are facing the heat of the regulators as increasing number of Indian pharmaceutical firms have come under the knife of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to lack of trained staff and cleanliness at their manufacturing units. Against the backdrop of the above summary, Pharmaleaders, Asia’s most analytical news media in healthcare communication is hosting its 10th edition in Mumbai on Friday, the 22nd of December 2017 under the theme The Healthcare Roundtable – Fixing The Healthcare Chaos & Transforming Healthcare Delivery Systems” “at the 10th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Business Leadership Awards 2017.

Widely perceived by the industry Leaders, Healthcare Professionals, Policy Makers, Pharma Leaders 2017 edition too will have a significant brand thrust in view of india’s rising power as a top destination for quality manufacturing, research & generic drugs. Announcing the 8th edition of Pharmaleaders Summit & Awards, Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharma Leaders said ” Pharma Leaders 2017 theme will deliberate on Brand India & its winning spirit as a global power, growing at a growth rate of 11 to 12 % per Annum, the Pharmaceutical Market in India is ranked 3rd in terms of volume and 10th in terms of market value & clearly the industry is showing the signs for a bigger space in the world market. The issue within India however has complex issues as the key to any reforms & growth are attributed to a strong internal healthcare focus which has many challenges. Healthcare Insurance, access, reach & affordability remain key challenges in india due to a lack of a universal healthcare policies where the patients should be the real beneficiary in any system said Satya Brahma in the news release.

Pharmaleaders ( ,a division of Network 7 Media Group ( in association with several trade & industry associations will be focusing on some of the burning issues  confronted by the industry including the much talked about regulatory hurdles & pricing. Top Industry Leaders, Medical practitioners & Policy Makers will be debating in panel discussions to find the reasons of policy paralysis & the way forward. More than 300 leaders from the healthcare industry are expected to attend the 2017 Pharma Leaders Annual Summit including delegations from overseas companies & scientists mostly from Europe.

The much awaited Pharma Leaders Annual Awards will be presented to the top & successful companies & leaders by an eminent panel of Jury Members from the Network 7 Media Group Panel in as many as 40 categories. Pharma Leaders Awards Grand Jury is comprised of a panel of international industry experts,  representing the top creative minds in the field of healthcare, pharma academia, policy formation & the representatives from the  government. Pharma Leaders Awards are credible & independent & enjoy the tag of excellence in innovations in healthcare practice that aim to recognize the remarkable achievement of the companies & Leaders. The 2017 Awards will have significant thrust on initiatives, innovations & insight said the news release.


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